Tatsuya Yatagawa

Post-doctoral Researcher

Waseda University
Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering
Department of Pure and Applied Physics
JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Researcher

About me
I'm working as a post-doctoral researcher at Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University. I'm currently granted by the Research Fellowship for Young Researcher of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. I received Ph.D in Science in 2015 from the University of Tokyo. My current research interest lies in between image/video editing and physically based rendering.
Journal Papers
T. Yatagawa,H. Todo,Y. Yamaguchi,S. Morishima,"Data Compression for Measured Heterogeneous Subsurface Scattering via Scattering Profile Blending",The Visual Computer, 2019 (to appear).(Reviewed)[PDF]
T. Yatagawa,Y. Yamaguchi,"Sparse Pixel Sampling for Appearance Edit Propagation",The Visual Computer (Special Issue of Computer Graphics International 2015), vol.31,pp.1101-1111,2015.(Reviewed)[PDF]
T. Yatagawa,Y. Yamaguchi,"Temporally Coherent Video Editing using an Edit Propagation Matrix",Computers & Graphics, vol.43,pp.1-10,2014.(Reviewed)[PDF]
Y. Masuda,M. Fukuchi,T. Yatagawa,M. Tada,K. Takeda,K. Irie,K. Akagi,Y. Monobe,T. Imazawa,K. Takegoshi,"Solid-state NMR analysis of interaction sites of curcumin and 42-residue amyloid β-protain fibrils",Bioorganic & Medical Chemistry, vol.19,pp.5967-5974,2011.(Reviewed)
International Conference Papers
R. Natsume,T. Yatagawa,S. Morishima,"FSNet: An Identity-aware Generative Model for Image-based Face Swapping",Asian Conference on Computer Vision, No. P3-46,Perth Australia,2018.(Reviewed)[PDF]
T. Yamaguchi,T. Yatagawa,S. Morishima,"Efficient Metropolis Path Sampling for Material Editing and Re-rendering",Pacific Graphics 2018 (Short paper), Hong Kong, China,2018.(Reviewed, Oral presentation)[PDF]
R. Natsume,T. Yatagawa,S. Morishima,"RSGAN: face swapping and editing via region separation in latent spaces",SIGGRAPH 2018 (Poster), No. 69,Vancouver, Canada,2018.(Reviewed, Poster presentation)
T. Yatagawa,Y. Yamaguchi,"A Template-Based Completion Framework for Videos with Dynamic Backgrounds",Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7432 (Proc. of International Symposium of Visual Computing 2012), 2012.
Other Non-reviewed Papers
R. Natsume,T. Yatagawa,S. Morishima,"RSGAN: Face Swapping and Editing using Face and Hair Representation in Latent Spaces",arXiv preprint arXiv:1804.03447, 2018.[PDF]
Jun. 2014
SIG-CG / Visual Computing Joint Symposium 2014 Best Presentation Award
Mar. 2014
IPSJ Yamashita Memorial Research Award
Dec. 2012
IPSJ SIG-CG 149th Colloquium Best Presentation Award
Mar. 2012
The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Schiences, Department of General System Studies, Incentive Award
Nov. 2011
IPSJ SIG-CG 145th Colloquium Best Presentation Award
WO2014080861A1 Moving picture editing device and method
Apr. 2018 - Mar. 2022
JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists
Apr. 2016 - Mar. 2019
JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Researcher (PD)
Apr. 2014 - Mar. 2016
JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Researcher (DC2)
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Jun. 2017

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Apr, 2017 - Mar. 2022
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